0028 Art, Creativity, and Theological Arguments in favour of Heavy Metal. Sort of.

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Art is subjective.

It’s interpretation and experience relies on the observer or the listener.

I believe God is a creator and as we’re made in His image, that creative spark rests in all of us, and all art is born of that spark.

So, logically, two listeners of a song can have very different experiences of the song, and an entirely different one from what the writer intended.

Therefore isn’t it possible to take a secular song and find something that touches your soul in a way a religious song might not? Isn’t it possible to have a deep experience that builds your faith because of that divine creativity?

If something is created, can it point to the Creator of it’s creator? Does that divine creativity flow even where it remains unacknowledged or denied?

Long story short: can I listen to Audioslave without feeling guilty for skipping the Bethel track before it?

0026 Ran out of Papyrus


One of the things I’ve gotten into trouble for since meeting my wife is using my hands as post-it notes. I doodle, I capture ideas, I write reminders. Since my daughter has been able to talk she tells me off for it too. It’s a good system though; as I get in trouble I look at the offending area and it reminds me to do whatever I’d put there so I didn’t forget to do it.
I even tried writing “don’t write on your hands” on my hands, but that faired no better. Now I simply agree and wash the brainstorms away, but then I stumbled on this verse. Now I’ve got Biblical context to support my ink-based misdemeanours:

Look, I’ve written your names on the backs of my hands…

(Isaiah 49:15-18 MSG)

If God does it, it must be kosher right? I test it and report back if my theological argument holds water against my daughter…


0025 I didn’t Noah that…

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Have you ever wondered how Noah coped with all those animals, feeding and cleaning them?
What about how he stopped lions eating the chihuahua herds?
Or maybe what did Noah eat? Or do for fun? Did he have a copy of Risk and a deck of cards?
Or what really happened to the unicorns and dinosaurs?

Maybe I can help. Over on Facebook I’m doing a carefully researched* and theologically crafted exploration of Noah. You can follow along and get deep meaningful answers to all of these spiritual conundrums and many many more.

* Research in this context consists of reading Genesis, watching Evan Almighty, and playing with my sons Noah’s Ark toys. I did consider rowing across a lake with a llama in the boat but thought better of it.


0024 Faithbook


Im currently working on something God inspired me with in 2010. Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake.
Anyways, it’s called Faithbook and the basic premise is that each page will be the story the character, and their timeline will take you though what they’re thinking and doing.
It’s meant to be funny, random, but make the people a touch more real than the Sunday school versions were used to. I’ll be sharing some of my drawing via the page too.

The first one is Noah and you can find him by clicking here

Hope you like it, and if you do, ask your friends to too.

Coming next: Moses, Joshua, possibly Joseph.

This idea, the artwork, the concept, etc are all copyright © 2014 Barry Sellers/Llamaphish. All rights reserved.

0022 Sinners and [insert job here]


Its nice that only a few careers are mentioned in the Bible. Its always nice when your particular job is mentioned by Jesus himself. Its just a shame that 90% of the time its mentioned as after sinners. Like its a worse thing. 

I can picture parents catching up:
“How’s your Judas doing these days?” 
“Oh, fine. He got a job with the Pharisees, betraying the messiah.”
“Still, could be worse. He could be a tax collector…”

I can see people reviewing leaders of the past:
“Herod the Annihilator, now there was a mass murdering despot.”
“Yeah, but he’s not as bad as that Bob the tax collector…”

I can see the Daily Mail of the day posting headlines like “Man steals chariot. Let off as didn’t use it to collect taxes”

I’m sure there are some deep theological historical reason why tax collection was worse than just normal sinning. I’m sure Jesus didn’t have a grudge with the good old Inland Revenue. I just wish it’d been another job given the honour, like window cleaners. “Sinners and window cleaners”…

My windows are gonna get really dirty now, aren’t they?

0021 The glass is…


It’s half empty.
It’s half full.
The refill guy is en route.
Hey, I ordered a skinny decaf latte, why’ve I got a glass?

It’s about perspective; half of the drink is left, so that means either you’ve already enjoyed half or you’ve got another half to enjoy. Glass is empty? That means you ain’t thirsty or that the refill guy is on his way back to you with a fresh one. How ever you look at it, you’ve enjoyed some and you’ve got more to look forward to. 

0019 No pressure, John…

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I feel slightly sorry for John the Baptist, aside from the unusual diet. Not only did he have to baptise the messiah, the chosen one of God, God’s own son, but he had to baptise someone who walked on water. That must have been hard. It’d be like when you hold a rubber duck under the water in the bath and it just keeps popping out… Maybe Jesus could switch it on or off… I need to look into this.

Did the same happen when Mary tried to bath him as a child, I wonder?
“Joseph, he’s crawling on the bath water again…”